Save your Energy
Before Generate!


Household electrical appliances use in our homes without affecting the desired level of service and comfort with less energy is available. Reduction in electricity bills by using efficient lighting systems and domestic appliances provided. Efficient appliances can be expensive models, similar to prices. Acquisition of equipment, however efficient electricity bills during the fall, then the user with the price paid will be refunded the difference.

The cost of electricity is very high in energies. Therefore, you must give importance to the issue of electricity consumption. Energy costs and the increasing demand for energy, energy efficiency has become mandatory.

Sometimes when buying energy efficient appliances more, sometimes less is paid. However, in both cases the efficiency of energy use for a long time saving. Cheap but low-yield initially thought to save the user may choose an instrument. But it will be a result of higher electricity bill every month. The cost is also paid to use a tool unless you are owned. These operating costs can increase exponentially. For example, a refrigerator to use 13-15 years usually 1.5 to 2 times the cost of purchasing costs. Costs of purchasing and use of efficient appliances, low total cost is less efficient appliances.

More efficient light fixtures, and provided a good light, the result would be achieved with less energy consumption in the same lighting levels.

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Homes by about 20% of the monthly electricity bills
use for lighting.