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1. Disclaimer / Purpose of this Website
This website and any downloadable files provided are intended only for informational purposes and are provided “as is”. No warranties or representations are made. The website and downloads may not be accessible at all times. Information on products and conditions shown may be incomplete and can be changed or deleted at any time. Accurate and complete information on products and conditions are provided separately from this website upon individual demand. In a technical respect, only the technical product information sheets and manuals of the manufacturer and further technical information provided by the manufacturer upon individual demand are relevant.  Any information provided on this website is not to be construed as a legally binding offer. Legally binding offers are only provided upon individual demand within the negotiations leading up to individual agreements or framework agreements.

Intellectual Property
Nothing on the website or in downloadable files may be reproduced without permission from Ay-Solar Enerji A.S. (hereafter: Ay-Solar). All intellectual property rights of Ay-Solar remain reserved. This includes especially trademark rights (whether registered or not), name rights, designs or copyrights. Ay-Solar remains the sole proprietor of such rights. The user does not obtain any proprietary or licence rights with regard to Ay-Solar’s intellectual property through access to the website and downloadable files.  

3. Privacy
Ay-Solar does not use any active systems (spyware) to obtain information from website users. Any information obtained by Ay-Solar passively from users of its website is subject to privacy and will not be provided to third parties, with the exception of law enforcement officials. Ay-Solar reserves the right to keep limited records of information on website users for security, statistical or its own promotional purposes.

4. Links
Ay-Solar excludes any responsibility for contents of third party websites made accessible through links on the Ay-Solar website. Such links are only installed by Ay-Solar for informational purposes and are used at the user’s own responsibility. Any information regarding illegal or immoral contents shown under such links will be appreciated, enabling Ay-Solar to take the appropriate actions. 

Applicable Law / Jurisdiction
These terms of use are set under Turkish Law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any dispute resulting from the use of the website is Izmir, Turkey.


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