Mobile Solar Power Supply

Importance of MOBISOL is increased many times more due to its mobile design, technological background, production quality, silent operation at “0 db" noise levels, recyclable nature of the components, non-waste technology, ease of use by a single operator and most importantly, its ability meet the need for renewable and clean energy without any problems.

Completely eradicating the set up and assembly problems in solar power electricity generation systems, MOBISOL is a high technology product that can comfortably be used in any area where there is a need for energy.

MOBISOL Mobile Energy Generation Facility can be moved to any location where there is a need for electrical energy and can be used without the problems of fuel and assembly.


Starting with solar modules, which an independent mobile photovoltaic energy generation facility needs to utilize, it has been designed to be a solution to general electricity needs by its charge control equipment (solar regulator), energy stock unit (battery group), solar inverter, solar module stands and standard trailer substructure suitable for land road usage.

The fact that the system can be set up fast and easily by a single person makes it a practical product. The high technology product substructure of MOBISOL brings about the endurance to difficult environmental conditions. Manufactured fully in hot-dip galvanizing technique, strength and long life for the trailer structure has successfully been achieved.

• The system can be utilized at any area with a need for electrical energy such as
agricultural irrigation area, radio transmitter stations, forestry lookout towers, military services and farm houses sahara power plants etc.
• Suitable for land road usage with standart trailer substructure.

As a result of the specially designed energy control panel, energy levels are constantly controlled. Many technical information such as stocked energy levels, momentary charge-discharge values and total charge power can be controlled at the time of operation over the micro processor controlled fully automatic regulators with inbuilt LCD indicators.


Technical Specifications